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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Fuel scarcity, non-payment shut 12 powerhouses,

LAHORE: Power crisis in the country has reached a new peak that has triggered severe loadshedding and shut down twelve powerhouses, Geo News reported Saturday. Several power plants discontinued power supply to PEPCO due to non-payment and oil shortage while Sui Northern systems also faced technical problems, resulting in the failure of five power plants.

There are several reasons for the on-going power crisis. One of the major reasons is that the independent power producers (IPPs) have stopped providing power to PEPCO due to no-payment and shortage of oil and gas. This has further worsened the matter as five more powerhouses have shut down that were collectively producing 1450MW of electricity 

Due to oil scarcity, nine power stations halted partially or completely on Friday that has not resumed working till today (Saturday). These powerhouses were producing 1175 MW of electricity in total.

Kot Addu power plant is capable of producing 1400MW of electricity but is currently supplying half of it while the Gulf Powerhouse is supplying 62MW instead of 80MW.

By paying dues to the power stations and ensuring fuel supply, production of 3400MW of electricity can be made possible.

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